Infrastructure & Facility

The ultra-modern Manufacturing facility at Aalidhra is developed by considering the growing requirements of clients spread across the country and overseas. The well balanced and modern infrastructure at Aalidhra helps in the manufacture of quality APIs and intermediates. Considering a large area of manufacturing unit, it is well equipped with modern machines with assistance of the latest techniques that helps in processing of high quality product. The modern process technology and professional expertise helps the company cater to the exact demand of all its clients.

Keeping abreast with evolving trends and technologies, our manufacturing facilities are vertically integratedand are capable of large-scale production of APIs, formulations in various dosage forms .The facility is prepared by taking in considerations inspections by leading regulatory agencies. The facility also houses a modern R&D centre for pharmaceuticals research.

Our Facility Details

Sr. No. Description Details
1. Distance from Vadodara 20 kms.
2. Distance from Airport 25 kms.
3. Total Area 10,800 m2
4. Total built up area 1,00,000 Sq. ft.
5. Manufacturing Area 60,000 Sq. ft.
6. R&D , QC /QA & Administration 15,000 Sq. ft.
7. Warehouse 10,000 Sq. ft.
8. Utilities, ETP 10,000 Sq. ft.

Research and Development : Synthesis & Analytical Capabilities

• Our creative and experienced process chemists are dedicated to design and develop synthetic processes that are environmentally friendly and economically viable.

• Aalidhra aims to achieve customer satisfaction by timely delivery of quality, cost-effective products and adequate technical support as per customer’s regulatory requirements.

Activities at Synthesis Laboratory

• API Process development

• Intermediate synthesis

• Impurity Synthesis and characterization

• Contract Manufacturing

• Custom synthesis and process development in lab to establish proof of concept

Activities at Analytical Laboratory

• Analytical method development and validation for starting materials, intermediates, API.

• Reference standard/ working standard qualification

• Impurity isolation, identification and characterization

• Stability and holding time studies of the API and Intermediates.

• Cleaning validation